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When Playing games in a relationship becomes bad



Playing games in a relationship, when is it necessary? And when is becoming a wrong idea which might probably turn the other person off.

Playing hard to get in a relationship is so common especially at the early years of the relationship where everyone craves to be loved and cherished without giving out the impression of being desperate and needy.

At first, we  may want to careless, or pretend not be fully attached with our partner so as to get their maximum attention.

Some people go as far as ghosting  their partner or paying little or less attention to the relationship in other to induce the other’s interest or make the other person become more pushy. We’ve heard about the saying.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Everyone wants to feel secured. Everyone wants to feel that excitement of being chased and  Hence the reason why so many resort to playing games in a relationship. But the question is? Does playing hard to get really guarantees that? Certainly!!! But not in all cases.

Naturally, man is a psychological being, hence the reason why reverse psychology works most times. It is natural to value things which are less available to us than that which is always at our disposal.

For instance, I was opportune to counsel a young woman who complained bitterly that his partner was showing him less attention.

She said and “I quote”. He rarely calls nor chat with me, I am the only one putting up so much work in our communication level why he does nothing. If I don’t call he won’t bother to do that. I feel neglected.  I feel am not his priority.

After listening to her complaint, I urged her to slow down  a bit on the level of her communication with him to see if he really cares. And if he does, it shows he still loves her but may just be playing mind games.

But  if he doesn’t notice that, it simply shows that he doesn’t care.  She did that and all of a sudden, he began to feel her absence and took up with the communication. This implies that playing games actually worked in this case. but may not work in other cases.  It might work in some scenario, while it won’t work in others. So how can we know when playing games in a relationship becomes a wrong decision? Below are some ways to know.

when  playing games in a relationship becomes a wrong decision.


When there is an  intense Commitment 

Playing hard to get maybe normal at the early years of the relationship just like was explained initially. You don’t want to come off as desperate. You really want to be certain   they have similar feelings with you before committing yourself fully.

However, when is obvious that the feelings are mutual and the other person was beginning to show a high level of commitment, playing hard to get at such period may be really unnecessary and unwise. It might signal the wrong message to the other party as a sign of  non – interest  and neglect towards them. Which might  turn them off and make them loose interest towards you and the relationship.

At that point, playing games in a relationship becomes a wrong idea. You may end up regretting it and hoping you turn back the hands of time. But unfortunately, they might have moved on. Is always good to know when best to play hard to get, and when you are beginning to derail from the initial plan.


Playing games in a relationship


When the relationship has been well defined.

Playing games in a relationship that has been Defined  is like cracking jokes during a serious conversation thereby disrupting and derailing from the subject matter.

For instance, a man may really have the intention of settling down, and thus may see a woman she is attracted to. At that point, he may not like to  entertain some form of dramatic and mind playing games.

He only expects her to  either accept or decline his proposal. Playing hard to get even when is obvious that she  has  feelings for him will only give him the impression that she is not  just interested. And thus, maybe compelled to move on by such impression. At that point, playing games in a relationship becomes unnecessary.

When the other party is emotionally stable.

Playing games in a relationship may only go well with  needy people and people  who have Insecurity issues.

But for people who are are emotionally stable with secured mind,  they may not really give a damn. Especially when they have  several options. Such people are equally familiar with such game playing. And thus may throw you off balance by acting like they don’t care once they discover your plan.

when you have a partner with dope, rare and admirable qualities. 

Playing games in a relationship becomes a wrong decision when you have a partner with adorable qualities several other persons look out for. Everyone desires to have a partner with dope qualities that sweeps one off their feet. Such is possible, but remember you ain’t the only person craving for such. So if you are opportune to have one,make sure you ain’t driving them away with so much mind games.

You remember the saying. ” you won’t value what you have till it slips out of your finger. Is normal to play a little hard to get to ascertain their intention and level of commitment at the early stage of the relationship. But don’t over do that to avoid driving them to another’s arm.



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