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Instant relationship. A good or bad idea?

Instant relationship. A good or bad idea? 3

Instant relationships otherwise known as love at first sight is becomingno so popular this days.  It is a type of relationship that occurs suddenly,  sometimes without both parties having a plan to date each other.

That kind of relationship that happens when you meet someone for the first time,  and feelings begins to surface,  chemistry develops as your heart begins to yearn for their attention. This feelings could either be love lust or infatuation.  At that moment,  the desire to date them is  so strong and intense that  you assume they are perfect.

Every idea to get close to them and build that friendship first before moving the relationship to the next level usually sounds more like a waste of time and effort to you.

You just want to date them instantly.   It becomes more enticing if the feelings is mutual with the one you desire to date. Making you both Compatible to each other. But is that really the signs of Compatibility ? Well to you it is, because this is what you’ve always wanted. In addition to the fact that you have always desired to date them.

Instant relationship makes you assume you’ve finally found the one. That feelings of having someone say yes to your proposal without having a second thought. So many folks detests wooing a woman for so long. As they often see it as a sign of weakness and inferiority complex. And so would give up immediately if their proposal ain’t accepted instantly.

And so that leads us to the question is instant relationship a good or bad idea?before we draw our conclusions,  let’s look at some pons and cons associated with instant relationship. As it would help us determine that which actually outweighs the other.

pons associated with instant relationship.

You are not scared of being Friend zoned

Just like was earlier explained,  some people detest the idea of being kept waiting for so long,  they dislike the idea of being kept at the dark side without any clue on when they would receive a definite response as regards to their proposal.

Such people would feel so excited starting off a relationship instantly  as long as their crush accepts them too.

The feelings might be mutual

Having someone you admire accept to date you at first sight and without hesitation could mean the feeling is mutual. It signifies they feel attracted to you.

The chemistry and bond at that moment is often mutual.  Except in some cases,  where their motive of accepting you is because they want something from you.

the cons.

The feelings could be deceitful 

True love often grows gradually,  it could take some days, weeks,  or month to grow.  in some cases,, it can equally happen instantly just as our topic portrays.

Nevertheless, accepting to date someone instantly could leave  some traces of doubt within you.  As you ain’t sure of their objectives of being attracted to you.  It could be for true love,  it could be for their own selfish benefits.  They might profess their feelings toward you,  but you ain’t sure if it is Love, infatuation or lust.  Such feelings can leave you skeptical.  Hence the need to begin the relationship with friendship.

It can end instantly

I’ve seen a lot of relationship began instantly and also ended up instantly.

Because one or both parties were so engulfed with the feelings and attraction without considering other aspect they ought to know about their partner/ prospect partner. Once the feeling is present, and the chemistry present too, they assume they are good to go.

And so every other criteria  becomes irrelevant.

This is synonymous to meeting a woman for the first time,  and in few hours,  you already proposing to them.  Such kind of marriage rarely works.   You have to at least try to know a little about the character and attitude of the one you desire to tie the knot with.  It is not just about their  physical stature and attribute,  but their personality.  Their personality signifies their identity.  That is who they truly are, irrespective of their looks and body composure.

Similarly,  instant relationships can end within a short time,  if it is all about the feelings and attraction.

It can drive away other serious and potential dates/partner.

Saying yes to someone who might not have the intentions of being in any serious relationship with you might ruin your future.  As you will be driving other  serious suitors away who believed you’ve been taken already.  and when you realize that it was all flings,  it might be too late as an irreversible damage might have occurred.

So with these explanations,  I believe you’ve seen several reasons why instant relationship might not be a good idea.  though it works for A it might not work for B.  you don’t have to be rigid or drive potential dates away.  But you have to be smart in handling it.  Always take your time before saying yes or being close to someone.






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  1. thats actually the fact,instant relationship work 5% out of 100%,the 5% may work out as a result of their good personal behaviour…keep it up

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