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Handling Relationships and convid – 19


Handling Relationships and convid-19 pandemic
How to handle relationships and covid-19


Relationships and covid -19. How can you handle both?  has your relationship already lost its spark at this pandemic period? How can you rekindle the spark in your  relationship?

Especially at this crucial time where every news on social media and across media is centered on covid -19 virus. You tune in your t.v, it is all about covid 19, you log in to your social media, it is all about covid -19. Among friends and colleagues, this has always been the trending issue.

Covid -19 seems to be affecting every aspect of life and relationship is not an exception too.  Often times, couples might begin to drift apart emotionally, not really because they had fallen out of love, but because they might be undergoing some challenging times.

For a plant to germinate and produce a viable seed, it needs a  good and favorable environment. Similarly, For a relationship to thrive well, both needs to have a stable mind . it takes two individuals who have mutual interest and goals to build a relationship. However, when one is undergoing emotional or psychological problems, such goals and interest will be left unaccomplished.

You wonder why some people  request for  space in a relationship all of a sudden ? Sometimes we assume they might have lost interest, but don’t really know how to let the cat out of the bag. But reverse is usually the case a times. It might not be as you presume.  The need to desire for space  could be as a way to have a personal time void of distractions in other to sought themselves out of their predicament.

In other words, one may ask, what is the correlation between relationship and convid-19 pandemic?  As we all assume that covid- 19 pandemic only affects  lives and economy.

Then what happens if the economy is not favorable ?  People would definitely loose concentration in every aspects of life, and relationship is not left out. Just like we explained earlier,  a healthy relationship needs a stable mind to thrive better. Some men are afraid to get into a relationship as a result of the phobia of handling  a materialistic woman

This explains why Covid-19 does not just affect the economy, but also  relationships.

Handling Relationships and convid - 19 1
Relationships and convid-19

Let’s see some further aspects where convid-19 interferes with relationships.

Social distancing

How can one maintain-relationships-in-self-isolation? As we all know, social distancing is one of the effective way to curtail the spread of the virus.

Adhering strictly to this rules implies that relationship could be affected as well.

Imagine a situation where you can’t get close to your partner because of the pandemic. Its effect is felt more for people in distant relationship. As inter state  movement has been restricted and everyone mandated to stay at home.


Handling Relationships and covid-19 can be tough at this period, especially as many jobs has been restricted and people mandated to stay at home.

This implies that Frequent communications like calls might equally be affected as well. People would rather spend money in buying food stuff in other to survive than call cards, as no one is certain on when the curfew will be relaxed.

This has a great effect on the relationship as communication  is very vital in every relationship.

Emotional instability and inconsistency

Handling relationships and covid -19 at this period could be challenging because an unstable mind gives rise to depression and frustration. When one can’t love him/ herself as a result of depression,  . how possible can they show love to another?

How couples can handle Relationships and convid-19.

Mutual understanding

Understanding is the most vital attribute needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

Love may get people attracted to each other, but what really keeps them stick to each other is understanding.

Any relationship without understanding will fade off as soon as  the honey moon phase is over.

But when there is understanding, both can go through any storms together and still emerge victorious. With understanding, both can conquer every challenges including convid-19.

Both has to realize that this is just a temporal phase that would pass in due course. And there is a great need to be strong for each other and keep the spark igniting.


Alternative source of communication.

Ruling out communication entirely for whatever reason could pose a great risk to the relationship. Both should source for a cheap and alternative source of  communication. Gone are the days when money is used as an excuse for not reaching out. These days, communication issues can be sorted out via chats on messengers and other social media as they don’t really cost much like calls.









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