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How to curb a nagging attitude.




How to curb nagging attitude
Nagging attitude.


Nagging attitude is a negative trait and can become a threat to a Healthy relationship.  Unfortunately, a lot are ignorant of  this. One can possess every other good quality, but with a nagging attitude, those positive attitude portrayed by him/ her has been altered.

People who nag continuously sometimes does that ignorantly.

They nag as a way to communicate  their fears, voice out their opinions and lay their complaints to their partner. All these are good, except they are done in the wrong way.

Communication and nagging are two different terms. When you communicate, you make your feelings known and then listen or pay attention to your partner’s feelings as well.

But when you nag, you tend to focus on you alone thus paying less attention to the other party.

As human, laying complaint is inevitable and sometimes necessary.

We are taught to be assertive, but at the same time meant to outspoken. You don’t have to keep mute in all circumstance. But the way and manner by which your complaint is laid really matters a lot . Hence the reason why “Nagging  is defined as a constant  complaint”.

Nagging attitude is generally a thorn in the flesh to the party at the  receiving end.  Aside relationship/ marriage, people who nag are often referred to as ” troublesome set of individuals. A handful of teenagers often complain having a nagging parents, who complains virtually of everything.

According to them, nothing they ever does seems right to them. They always find fault and reasons to blame them in everything. This explains how annoying a nagging attitude can be. And this why one must find a way to curb it before it turns out to a habit.  So how can it be curbed?

Effective ways to curb a nagging attitude.

How to curb a nagging attitude
How to curb a nagging attitude



The first and basic way to curb any flaws in life. Whether an addiction  or a negative habit, you first have to come to the realization that it is one. You can’t fight what you are ignorant of.

And this is the major problem with people possessing a nagging attitude.  They  don’t even know how annoying such attitude can be to others.

They are ignorant of the fact that it is a weak point, hence have never considered trying to quit it.  They tend to justify the act with the wrong motive and mindset just like we earlier explained.

However, the fact still remains that nagging is a wrong way of expressing one’s feelings. No matter how offended you are or how annoying your partner is, nagging them will only drive them away farther.

Adopting self control. 

Some habits or  addiction can only be curtailed by self control. Humans are the most difficult creature to deal with.

Certainly you can’t always have all  your expectations in an individual. People will often step on your toes and sometimes they might do that deliberately and constantly. Even the most loving person in your life may be annoying a times and will most likely portray annoying attitude that might cause you to nag.

Regardless of that, when an urge to nag comes, learn how to control your emotions. If we start acting like people do treat us, we may end up doing things which we might regret at the end of the day.

overlooking certain things.

The most  vital and effective way to curb a nagging attitude is to learn how to overlook certain attitude portrayed by your partner or people around you.

It is often said that behind every nagging individual,  there is a partner not doing what he/ she ought to do or expected to do.

Most people don’t necessarily nag because they chose to. They do that as a way to voice out their opinion, just like we explained earlier. Sometimes,you don’t have to blame them. But that regardless,

nagging attitude is still a flaw. And you need to curb by it learning how to overlook certain things. If you keep complaining over everything, gradually, you are turning yourself into a nag. And rather than your opinion being heard, it will be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Always set your mind to ignore certain things for the sake of peace and tranquility.


Understanding people’s character and attitude is one of the effective ways to curb a nagging attitude.

In marriage, understanding your spouse matters a lot. It is considered to be more vital than love. With understanding, there would be  Tolerance.

Most times, people nag because they don’t understand the people they are dealing with. They will keep yelling and complaining about same issue over and over again.

The truth is that some people will never change, no matter how long you nag or yell. That’s why is advisable to choose a partner whose character you can condone because  Love is not just enough to sustain a marriage. It equally explains the reason why tolerance is necessary. No individual is perfect. With understanding, you can learn how to tolerate certain people without having to nag all the time. And equally overlook some characters they portray, especially the ones they keep doing consistently.


One apparent reason contributing to our nagging attitude is that we don’t exercise patient when we lay our complaint.

You keep complaining about an issue continuously. We fail to realize that people don’t change overnight, especially if you met them with same character. Think about that addiction or habit you are struggling to quit. You see how difficult it is to quit  right?

Now imagine  you are in their shoes. Sometimes, when you complain over a certain issues, give the other party time to adjust especially if they have admitted their fault, and willing to make an adjustment. Overcome the temptation of repeating same issue for a given period.

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