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7 Signs of a rebound relationship




Signs of a rebound relationship
Signs of a rebound relationship


Are there signs of a rebound relationship? Certainly.

But unfortunately, most folks ignore this as they tend to be so overwhelmed with their emotional feelings at the beginning of a relationship. Rebound relationship can sometimes be misinterpreted as a real relationship, hence the reason why so many are stuck in it.

Feelings and attractions can sometimes be deceitful especially if they were not allowed to grow and mature naturally.

During the time of grieving, just  immediately after a break up, there is always an intense urge to fill that vacuum created by our ex.

The feelings of loneliness and depression tends to be getting a greater part of us at that period.  A lot of persons can relate to this, hence the reason why we opt for a shoulder to cry on. We do this as a way to get over the hurt experience.

Somewhere along the line, we may begin to feel some form of closeness and attachment for the one giving us such solace and comfort.

Because of our intense quest for companionship, we might begin to  interpret this as True love. But in actual sense, this can only be referred to as a ” Rebound”.

The one who initiated the Rebound is usually the one who sought for solace and comfort.

While the one who offers his/ her shoulder to lean on is the victim who tends to be at the receiving end.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the last category. They are a  rebound who were only used as a form of emotional support.  While offering emotional support, they helplessly fell in love with the assumption that the other person feels the same.

They were led on because the victim needed to fill in a vacuum left behind.   Such assumed or Imaginary relationship automatically ends as soon as the one whose heart  was once heart broken begins to recover, hence subjecting the other to emotional trauma.

This is why is not usually advisable to date someone who is just trying to recover from a heartbreak.

The supposed feelings at that period can never be termed as love even though it feels as such. Rebound is a form of  Emotional manipulation to the one at the receiving end.  Knowing the  Dangers of rebound Relationship. will enable one to watch for its signs in other not to fall a victim to it.  Is quite disheartening that a lot of folks don’t even know they are in a rebound relationship. So what are the signs of a rebound relationship?  How can one one know if he/ she is being used as a rebound?

Signs of a rebound relationship
Signs of a rebound relationship

Signs of a rebound relationship.

It happens suddenly.

One  of the apparent signs of a rebound relationship is that it appears too suddenly sometimes unexpectedly. Imagine consoling someone who just  experienced a heartbreak.

Then all of a sudden, they admit they have fully recovered and began to confess their love towards you. Wouldn’t you be amazed on how such could be possible within a short period of time?  Is so easy to fall for such, but always be reminded that true love and feelings doesn’t happen spontaneously. It sounds more like infatuation. Such Instant relationship usually doesn’t last.   Getting over an  ex is not something that happens instantly. Is a gradual process. It could take weeks, days or perhaps months to truly get over someone you once shared your memories with.

In some rare cases, it could take several years. So you have to be observant when someone who was once heartbroken begins to lead you on. Sometimes they just need a support to aid their healing process. And once that has been achieved, they opt out, making you feel used.

Filled with mixed signals.

Another obvious signs of rebound relationship is that it is usually filled with mixed signals.

One moment they give you  green light and make their intentions open, the next moment they become distant and cold and begins to withdraw their intention leaving you skeptical and perplexed.

This happens because their feelings towards ain’t certain or genuine. The one who truly loves you will never give you a mixed signal. Rather they will express the whole love without any hesitation.

Non- mutual discussions.

What kind of discussions do you guys normally have whenever you are together? What kind of talks do they normally initiate? Do you normally talk about your future together? How do they respond to such discussions? These are some vital questions you need to ponder on.

Often times, people who use others as rebound relationship has no intention for a future relationship. Hence often shy away whenever the issues of future is brought up.


This is another obvious  signs of rebound relationship. When you’ve helped them get over their grief and broken heart, you will begin to realize that there was no true feelings in the first place. They will start taking you for granted.

No matter how you try to love, it will never get reciprocated because they aren’t into you. The more you push it, the more distant and cold they become until you finally give up.

Insecure feelings

Rebound relationship will always leave you with insecure feelings. When people venture into a relationship without their feelings fully involved, it  stirs up the insecure feelings in the other individual.

Such is usually true about a rebound relationship.

A rebound relationship makes one needy and can turn an individual into a nag because you ain’t getting the expected result, hence the need to complain consistently.

Feelings tends to vanish too often.

One of the signs of a rebound relationship is that feelings suddenly disappears.

At the beginning, it is usually awesome. It feels like your future together is guaranteed   already. But within a short while, everything becomes a night mare.

Rebound relationship is usually short lived. When the victim fully recovers, he/ she begins to see his/ her rebound as incompetent to meet their desired trait in a partner. Thus leading to the end of the supposed relationship.

Communication with Ex.

When they claim they’ve gotten over their ex, but yet wouldn’t stop talking about them or even keeping in touch with them, then just know that you are in a rebound relationship.

This is one of the undeniable signs of a rebound relationship. When someone has truly moved on from his/ her past relationship, he/ she with definitely keep his/ her past behind while focusing on the new love.

You will observe how they will keep initiating their Ex into a conversation you both are having. It becomes worse if they bump into them somewhere. They will keep in touch with them as a way to reminisce the old memories.

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