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Why taking a break after a break up is necessary






Taking a break after a break up

Taking a break after a break up!!! Sounds like a huge and unachievable task huh!!! I understand,  especially when you are head over heels in love and you never saw it coming.

Love is a wonderful feelings, especially at the beginning of a new relationship where the spark seems to be more intense.

The feeling is so awesome that You can’t get enough of your better half. The relationship seems so perfect that the thought of break up never comes to your mind.

Then  all of a sudden, things began to take a different turn. Your partner suddenly became so cold and asked for explanation, but couldn’t get any reasonable one. All they could use as an excuse was their “busy schedules”. You became more confused, and wondered if they suddenly changed their job. Was that not the same job they had when they were showering you with so much attention and care, you asked yourself rhetorically?

You complained and nagged on several occasions, but all to no avail. After several complaints without positive outcome, it dawned on you that it was over. At first, it seems like a night mare, but along the line, you summoned courage to embrace reality. After all, you can’t reverse it.

You sought for closure but couldn’t get that still. You concluded it was time to move on. But the biggest challenge was  how you can erase the feelings so quick. You tried to erase their memory, but it wasn’t just working. You wondered why you were  finding it so hard to move on.

You’ve tried all the antidotes of getting over a heart break, but none seems to proffer a solution.

You suddenly recalled   you had  a crush who had been admiring you even while you were in relationship, but  never had the chance to proof it to you as you restricted them from doing so.

Now the thought of giving them a chance seems like a  nice and perfect thought to you. Not really because you loved them, but because you needed an emotional pillar. One who could get you to heal fast, and probably fill the vacuum that your ex left. At this point, REBOUND RELATIONSHIP seems like the only available option you have left. But on the contrary, its effect could be disastrous. Before resorting to such step, pause and have a rethink.

Nearly, 80% of  heartbreak victims  have once thought of having a Rebound relationship as a means to get over the heartbreak.

The thought of being single which might resort to depression and loneliness, coupled with the phobia of having to start a new relationship all over again increases our crave to get into a new relationship.

Reminiscing on the memory we had with our ex increases our phobia of taking a break after a break up. We know we may not get their replica, but we just want to feel their vacuum.

Does the above scenario describes your experience after the break up? If yes then, I suppose this advise is meant for you.

Taking a break after a break up might seems do difficult, but very necessary. Especially if you desire  to  have a healthy relationship without  having the past reoccurrence. Here are some reasons why you ought to take-break-after-breakup

Taking a break after a break up

Why Taking a break after a break up is necessary.


It helps in self discovery

Relationship could be awesome, but at the same time so demanding because it requires your effort and that of your partner to thrive . did you observe that ever since you got into that relationship, you began to pay less attention to your self?

The feelings and spark got you so overwhelmed that yourself became less important. It was all about pleasing your partner and that could be the reason why they they lost the spark so quickly. Have you ever heard of the saying. Familiarity breeds concept? Not every persons love clingy partners.

Not every persons loves having an overprotective partners. To some, it is a big turn off. You really need a time off relationship to discover some certain things including your self. You need to realize that you are equally as important as the relationship and so you don’t need to loose your worth in the bid to make a relationship work. This will assist you in your next relationship.

Helps to take corrections where necessary.

After break up, we are more concerned about moving on, and getting another fill the vacuum without considering the lesson to learn and some adjustment to make to avoid similar reoccurrence in our next relationship.

No relationship ends without a lesson. Every relationship certainly leaves us with one lesson or the other. Is either you realized you were doing the wrong thing or dating the wrong person. Whichever might be the case, don’t forget the lesson.

You might not be at fault, but you need to learn some strategies  in handling certain people in your life. Taking a break after a break up, will help you reminisce on the relationship, and ascertain what you ought to have done or avoided in other to avoid such occurrence again.


To Avoid being taken unawares.

After break up, the hurt resulting   from the experience might be so severe that  nothing else occurs to your mind. But as you recover gradually, you will begin to understand why it never worked out . you will realize how dumb you were for not reading the signs earlier.

Taking a break after a break up will help you understand the signs that a relationship was about to end so you wouldn’t be taken unawares in your next  relationship.

Inducing your self esteem

Taking a break up after break up helps to induce one’s  self esteem and confidence.

There are people who assumes that they can never be happy as a single individual. Before the break up, they had their lives revolved around their Ex. And that’s why they found it difficult to move on when it was over. Is good to take a break, and realize that your happiness does not revolve around any individual no matter their status or social class in the will help you realize that you can actually be  happy even as a single.

Such mindset gives a high sense of moral and builds one’s momentum. With such perception, you would never allow your self to be taken for granted in subsequent relationships.












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