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Discovering your potential.

Discovering your potential. 1
Discovering your potentials

Discovering your potential is one of the first step towards having a successful life. What is your potential? They are your ability, your inner strength, your skills, your talent.

Everyone has that special quality being placed in them by God but unfortunately, they are ignorant of this. That’s why they wish to be like someone’s else, and such mindset always leads to envy . You see a music artist who sings awesome, you wished you were like them? You see a writer, who writes fluently, you wished you had the skills.

You will keep on desiring to be like this or that person thereby keeping your own dreams on hold. have you ever sat down to think of what you are good at? Have you ever thought about making yourself unique so other people can envy you too. Discovering your potential is not always about the nature of your talent/skills, but how good you are at developing it.

I’ve seen a lot of people with a very awesome voice yet they don’t sing except they are compelled to do so. The worst is that most of them don’t even recognize that as a potential in them. That’s exactly the reason why they dont value it .till you recognize there is a potential in you that needs to be utilized, till you recognize there is a gift in you that needs to be impacted to your generation, you may never value it or see its productivity in you.

Now the question is, what are the steps towards discovering your potential?

Steps towards discovering your potential.

Find your passion

Discovering your potential. 2
Discovering your potentials.

Passion are the things which you love doing the most. They are things which interests you, you do them willingly because you derive joy and happiness while doing them.

Now do you know that your passion could be turned into a skill/potential?A renowned writer did not began by writing piles of books and getting them published. No!!! .

It all started with the passion of writing, it all began like a hobby. They saw the burning desires and flare for writing .

At times, they will just pick up a piece of paper and begin to put down their thoughts and imagination.they compose novels And poems and save them in their diaries. They continued gradually, till nature took it to the next level. Same goes with other potentials. You can’t develop what you aint passionate about. it is your passion and love for it that fuels the desire to make it a skill . What do you love doing? Find it out first.

Avoid limitations

The second step in discovering your potential is to avoid limitation.

I don’t have influence, no one would recognize i can sing, i don’t have money to publish, i don’t have fans, no one would appreciate my comic skills, i don’t have money to advertise my skills. these and many more has always been the excuses a lot of people often come up with.

but they fail to realize the fact that so many top celebrities started on the street. they got to the top because they resisted their limitations. how can people recognize you when you don’t recognize yourself. How can people see your potential when you deprive them of it? How can you build fans when no one sees what you do, because you’ve already written yourself off. Now get up, forget about every other things you may need in the course of discovering your potential. forget about the money, your major raw material now is that ability in you, start with it first and see how it goes. you never can tell, you might be lucky enough to get uplifted by someone who sees your worth.

I’ve seen people who got connected and never spent a dime in becoming who they are today.

It was just their ability that got them elevated. God really works in a diverse ways. Avoid limitations, keep doing what you are doing, one day someone would recognize you out of the blues.

Concentrate on your lane

Discovering your potential. 3

Like i said earlier, no potential is greater than the other. The major difference lies in how you are able to make yours productive. you musn’t be an artist in other to be celebrated.

Even as a comedian, you can be well recognize more than one authors a book. it depends on your creativity, your effort and determination. great people are not people who compete with others, but they are people who try to make the best out of anything they do.

Exercise patience.

This factor is often mentioned in every aspect of our lives. Owing to its vitality towards becoming successful. in everything you do in life, you have to be patience. don’t give up too easily. you can’t become Chris brown . overnight You can’t become Bill gate Overnight . Keep on doing what you know how to do best, never relent. One day, the sky will be your starting point. Other internal articles you may like to read//creativity-a-path-towards-success-

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