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5 Reasons why men pull away emotionally




Why men pull away emotionally
Why men pull away emotionally



Why do men pull away when am beginning to feel emotionally attracted to them?

This question is not uncommon among the female folks especially the ones who seek for genuine love and happiness.

Have you ever observed that when some  men crave for attention, they tend to be more closer and persistent .the more you reject them, the more closer and persistent they become. But once you accept them and begin to reciprocate, they will start pulling away gradually. Till they  vanish completely out of your presence?

A handful of women experience this on regular basis, hence the reason why they are perplexed about the male gender.


Jennifer, A 25 year old fashionista and entrepreneur has her own share of experience about men pulling away when things  were beginning to get even and awesome in the relationship. This is her story.

As a young woman, I’ve always determined to succeed at all cost.

One of my top priority in life is to achieve my dreams and purpose in life. And so with that,I   invest my time and energy towards my career  in other to have my dream accomplished.

And fortunately, everything worked as plan. Within a short period of persistent hard work, I began to reap the fruit of my labor.

My days, weeks and months of toiling and hard work began to pay off. I might not have gotten to my destination, but I can sincerely and boldly affirm that I am not stuck in the way either.

I’ve been on the move,  smoothly sailing and soaring higher  till I arrive at  my final destination. And each time I recall how far I’ve emerged  in life, am often left with great excitement.

However, in spite of my achievements,  I still have some burdens I struggle with occasionally. And this is the fact my love life was  nothing to write home about.

As human, I  often feel the need to be loved and cherished just like every other young person.  I always fantasize about having a  a healthy relationship .

Getting  my specification in a man always contribute to my imaginations each time I lay my head to sleep. And so I decided to seek out for love and give it a chance.

But unfortunately,  I got the reverse of what I sought for.  All the men I’ve been with seems to have one attitude in common. And that is, pulling away when the relationship is becoming fruitful and productive.

This has got me wondering if love is real or just an an illusion or reality?? They withdraw emotionally as soon as I’m beginning to enjoy every bit of it and even crave for more.

Jennifer couldn’t fathom the reason why so many men pull away emotionally at the very moment the relationship was beginning to get blissful and successful.

However, I tried to encourage her by reminding her  that such behavior are very common among the male folks. And a handful of other women have the same complaint.

Now what could be the reason behind this? Why do men pull away in such an annoying way despite their promises  to stick with them during the chase. Now let’s find out some reasons behind this emotional withdrawal.

5 Reasons why men pull away emotionally.

They don’t want to appear weak. 

One of the Emotional differences In men and women. as stated in our previous article is that, while men are known to be emotionally strong, women are known to be emotionally weak. Implying that it is more easier for a man to hold back his feelings than  women. Also, men are egocentric being.

They rarely thread their Ego with love. And that’s why they love with caution in other not to have their ego dragged to the mold  in the process. Men are diplomatic and so they tend to apply good tactics  while wooing a woman.

Men can invest  so much energy in the wooing stage. they will call, communicate regularly, and spend as much as they wish just to have a lady accept them.

And as soon as their mission becomes successful, they will pull away not  because they  lost interest in you, but because they don’t want you to see that weak part of them. Most men believes that displaying their weak point is a great   turn off for  men.

And so rather than seeing that weak part of them, they withdraw so you will crave for them more, just like they   did when they were wooing you. It is called “REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY”. Only women who understands this game triumphs.

Those who doesn’t understand it tends to become needy at this point, thus pushing him  farther away.  You can handle this by reversing the psychology. Rather than appear weak and needy at that point.

Summon courage to be strong. Ignore them and pull away too.  Soon, they will begin to wonder why you ain’t bothered, hence step up on their game to have you back.

Ignoring and pulling away is not easy, but you have to try to invest that energy they are investing in you. Very necessary.

 commitment phobia 

Another reason why men pull away can be attributed to the  fear of commitment. There are men who desires  to be in a relationship . they might have interest in a woman and may decide to woo her.

But as soon as things are becoming too serious, they might start withdrawing probably because they are not ready to commit.  Sometimes, their unreadiness could be probably as a result of lack of resources.

Relationship is full of responsibilities. A man cannot talk about starting a future with a woman if he is financially unstable. This is why so many pull away when they discover that you are becoming hopeful and expectant of the future. You  are ready, but they  ain’t seeing themselves  ready anytime soon.

They just want to have you around, they seek for love and want to have you by themselves, but their future with you ain’t certain.

And so rather than lead you on, and play along with your emotions, they decide it will be best to pull away. In such scenario, you have to accept their decision, so you don’t have to regret on the long run. This is one of the Reasons why every  relationship needs to be defined at the early stage of commencement.

He just needed a fling.

Aside unstable finances, another reason why most men pull away or scared to commit is usually because they just want a fling and not a relationship.

A man who wants a fling will go to any extent to win the heart of the woman. And once that is done, he pulls away as his mission has been accomplished. As the victim might have helplessly fallen in love with him.

Leaving her emotionally traumatized. There is need for every woman to be rational while fallen in love. Don’t allow your emotion get a greater part of you. Before investing your emotions, first ask yourself Is this A fling or a relationship?Is this A fling or a relationship?


Being too pushy

Another reason why most men pull away is because they observe that you are becoming too pushy.

You are demanding for attention every now and then or probably pressurizing them to commit especially when they are not ready to do so.

Nobody loves being pressured to do something no matter who the pressurizer is.

There is life aside relationship, stop seeing it as a do or die affair.  Do your best, and leave the rest in the hands of fate or whoever you are dating. If your partner loves you and the relationship is meant to be, everything will always fall in place.

But if reverse is the case, nothing will ever make it work, not even your pushy or nagging attitude will change the fact.

You are not giving him space. 

Always know your limits and boundaries in people’s life.

In the bid to express your love, don’t choke your partner with excessive love and attention.

Don’t force yourself to get involved in every activity he does. Live and let him live. Find something to occupy your self with and I assure you, rather than pull away, he will draw more closer to you and crave for more attention from you.


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