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Is she leading you on? Find out..

Is she leading you on?




Is she leading you on? So many men desires a very quick answer to this question as they might  have fallen victims to deceit in their previous relationship.

Being led on by someone you are attracted to and all of a sudden, you are dropped like a piece of trash. Such experience can be devastating. Imagine being attracted to a woman.

You met her, and immediately, you assume and concluded that she is the one. You developed a soft spot for her right in your heart. But unfortunately, you couldn’t find a way to relate your feelings.

You want to woo her, but at the same time you are scared of rejection!!! Rejection!!! That even sounds like a death sentence. No matter how strong one is, no one loves to be rejected. rather than stand the risk of being rejected,  You decided that  giving her  Green lights would be far better and save you such stress. You became closer to her, hoping she will read and understand the signs. At first, it seems not to be working. It seems as though you both are moving in the opposite direction. You want more than friendship, but she just wanted to be a friend.

Not quite long, things started changing. You discovered she was beginning to understand your intentions. She became closer than she was to you. You were excited, and you concluded that it was high time you declared your intentions to her.  Just as you were about to do so, you discovered that she was beginning to withdraw and disconnect from you again. She became cold and distant leaving you more confused and perplexed?

What does she really want, you kept  asking yourself rhetorically? One minute she’s cold and the next minutes she’s hot. Such experience can be devastating. Even the bible frowns at a scenario of being neither cold nor hot.

Relationship is more awesome when the interest is mutual. It gladdens the heart when you found out that your crush or partner is trying his/ her best to get you emotional entangled with them.

That alone stirs up every motivation to give in your best to the relationship as well. But when reverse is the case, you will always feel discouraged trying to get their attention.

Unfortunately, some people are being led on while hoping and anticipating for a blissful relationship. Some have already assumed an Imaginary relationship. Which in reality does not exit.  But the big question is, how can a man know when he is being led on? How can he differentiate a serious relationship from a fling.

Let’s see some of these signs

Is she leading you on?

5 signs she might be leading you on.

Mixed signal 

This one of the obvious signs indicating that a woman might be leading you on. Imagine being giving appointment for a job interview. You prepared yourself adequately, got the necessary requirements and credentials ready.

On the day of the supposed interview, you were punctual, hoping to be called and interviewed.  But unfortunately, you received a a very disappointing message instead, which read thus ” sorry, the above vacancy has been filled already, we are sorry for the inconveniences”. How will you feel. Sad? dejected?  Disappointed? Words alone may not be enough to express your likely mood at that moment.

Honestly,you will be left with the feelings of betrayal. Because they just raised your hope and made you became expectant of what does not actually exist. In other words, you were led on.

This is the exact scenario here. A woman who wants to spend his life with you wouldn’t hesitate to show  commitment in the relationship.

She won’t give you any reason to doubt her love. When she accepts to be with you, it will be so apparent that she really wants to be with you.  She will always keep in touch willing without being pressurized to do so.

Their interest is conditional.  

One of the reason why they are inconsistent towards you is because they are not really into you. When a woman  is leading you on, she will always be close to you  only when she needs a favor from you.

She won’t contact you except she needs  an assistance. At such times, you will discover that she is becoming too attached to you, and you will assume that this is a sign of acceptance.

Then after some time, she goes back to her cave, only to resurface again when the need arises.

She talks about her Ex constantly

One way to identify a woman who just want to lead you on,is that she will often talk about her ex in the bid to get you emotionally connected to her.

She might just need you as a a rebound ,  just to fill the vacuum created by her ex. and once she discovers that you are beginning to fall in love with her, she pulls away.

She won’t leave you, but you are an option.

When a woman is leading you on, you will always be an option in her life., she is not willing to commit,  but at the same time not willing to let go either.  She will keep you stuck by giving you mixed signal as though she loves you. While on the contrary, you are just a plan B in case the plan A doesn’t work out. So many had experienced this.

You won’t know their actual stand in your life. You just wished they would either stay committed to you or just leave you alone to find someone who truly deserves you.


She has a serious relationship, yet still wants you around

When a woman is leading you on, she might have a serious relationship, but yet still wants you around. She doesn’t want to date you, but only to enjoy your company.

This is why so many guys have been in the friend zoned for long. They keep hoping and expecting things to fall in place but all to no avail.

They can’t quit because they’ve received a lot of mixed signals indicating that their friendship status will graduate to dating soon.

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