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Co-habitation in a relationship

Am confused, I’ve always heard people say that cohabiting with your partner is wrong and brings about disrespect and loss of value. But I have a friend who oco -habited with her boyfriend for more than 2yrs and now they are happily married…I’ve seen a lot of women who had […]

Infidelity in relationships, How to avoid it 1.

One of the common challenges that people often face in a relationship is the ability to avoid double dates. To some folks, it is just an impossible task, hence they tend to justify it with the quote “All men are polygamous in nature. Double dating is so common this days […]

Insecurity In relationship 1.

Insecure couples insecurity has caused more good than harm in a lot of relationships/ marriages today. It has contributed to the increasing rate of heartbreak and divorce….the fear of the unknown, the fear of what may not be certain and ” mere speculations and assumption. Now the question is how […]

Time management Tips 1.

Time management is one of the greatest attribute of champions and people who aspires to be successful in life. An Average human is said to be busy for at least 12hrs in a day,but yet unproductive in his/her endeavour as a result of mismanagement of time. the word ”busy’ is […]

Common mistakes women make After proposal.

A lot of women has always longed for that period when their man would pop up the long awaited question “will you marry me? Especially when they have dated him for so long. You can’t wait to see him kneel before you, and propose. After which you wouldn’t hesitate to […]

Sex and bond in a relationship

And so you have gotten into an intimate relationship. The excitement pops in that you barely get enough of each other. The spark seems to be igniting each day as you are always seen in each other’s company. At a point, you started feeling an intense urge to include sex […]


Heartbreak is the most awful and frustrating feelings no one even wishes for his/ her enemy. Its effect is synonymous to loosing a loved one. You wished you could just wake up and realize it was just a dream. You can’t help but wish they could tell you they were […]

A building under construction.

A building under construction has three important personalities which enables the building project come into accomplishment.they are. The project owner this is the basic and most important of all other personalities. He detects, directs and issue out instructions on how the project should be carried out. He is also responsible […]

Should I go back to my ex?

The issue of Ex’s surfacing from nowhere to interfere in a present relationship is a very critical issue that really calls for adequate attention. The true definition of an EX. The prefix “Ex”. Which was derived from the word Expired means no longer valid or in existence. When a  break […]

Aplogy. An antidote to a successful marriage

A relationship comprised of two individual who tends to disagree with each at all times, argues and quarrel uncontrollable. But settles amicable is bound to succeed than that where partners never accept each other’s flaws. Apology is very necessary for a successful relationship EGO Nothing destroys a relationship/ marriage faster […]

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