Heartbreak is the most awful and frustrating feelings no one even wishes for his/ her enemy. Its effect is synonymous to loosing a loved one. You wished you could just wake up and realize it was just a dream. You can’t help but wish they could tell you they were […]

A building under construction.

A building under construction has three important personalities which enables the building project come into accomplishment.they are. The project owner this is the basic and most important of all other personalities. He detects, directs and issue out instructions on how the project should be carried out. He is also responsible […]

Should I go back to my ex?

The issue of Ex’s surfacing from nowhere to interfere in a present relationship is a very critical issue that really calls for adequate attention. The true definition of an EX. The prefix “Ex”. Which was derived from the word Expired means no longer valid or in existence. When a  break […]

Aplogy. An antidote to a successful marriage

A relationship comprised of two individual who tends to disagree with each at all times, argues and quarrel uncontrollable. But settles amicable is bound to succeed than that where partners never accept each other’s flaws. Apology is very necessary for a successful relationship EGO Nothing destroys a relationship/ marriage faster […]

Getting the right suitor

Having suitors asking for your hand in marriage, is one of the greatest and remarkable moment every lady possibly at a marriageable age longs for. The feelings is synonymous to winning a trophy, especially when there had been marriage pressures from the society or family members. However, the problems and […]


C I want to perform this task today, but I just have a limited time..I think is best to leave it tomorrow. “I would have done it today, but am so weak and exhausted. Let me extend it tomorrow, then I will have enough time and energy. These statements and […]

Coping with a nagging partner

Coping with A nagging partner. At some point in our life, we may have to deal with a partner who would always find fault in anything we do…. Who gets so temperamental and yells at us on any slightest provocation. They can never stop criticisms, because to them, we ought […]

sacrifice in relationships.

Sacrifice is one of the characteristics of love. it is he most significant way of expressing your love and affection towards another/ people. In families, parents tends to show their love towards their ward by the sacrifices they make towards breeding them up from their infancy stage to adult hood. […]

Regaining your partner’s Trust

Trust is very essential for any relationship to thrive well. Trust is like a foundation of any building, when the foundation is faulty, there is every tendency that the building might collapse in no distant time. Is not Always easy, developing trust for someone/ people. For one to entrust every […]

Should I go ahead with this marriage?

Marriage You’ve searched for true love. and fortunately, you finally found one. From all indications, they met the qualities you’ve always desired in a partner. You started off as a friends, and one thing eventually led to another, you became inseparable. The feelings was mutual that you couldn’t get enough […]

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