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Regaining your partner’s Trust


Trust is very essential for any relationship to thrive well. Trust is like a foundation of any building, when the foundation is faulty, there is every tendency that the building might collapse in no distant time.

Is not Always easy, developing trust for someone/ people. For one to entrust every aspect of their life to you, shows how much they believe in you. And so betraying them would be synonymous to stabbing them.

Imagine entrusting a supposed cloth to be worn for a particular occasion to your designer. You gladly paid in advance even when he hadn’t delivered his service. Because you believed in him and never thought he is gonna disappoint you.

you went to get back your cloth as agreed, hoping that it is ready, but unfortunately, when you got to his shop, you discovered that it hasn’t been touched or probably wasn’t ready and may not be ready soon. How would you feel? Betrayed and disappointed right?

Am certain that after that incident, you would vow never to patronize his service again. That’s the exact scenario applicable to trust in relationship/ marriage. When a trust is broken. Is not always easy to get revived. But not totally impossible.

You might have erred, betrayed or done something worth of making your partner loose their trust in you. And you’ve been wondering if they can ever trust you again?

Worry no more. No matter the degree of your offense, there is still hope,

as Long as they haven’t divorced you yet, as long as they haven’t broken up with you. You’ve gat to relax.

Here are the few tips that would enable you regain their trust .

Acceptance – you first have to admit that you have erred, it signifies how remorseful you are. accept the fact that you’ve wronged them.. Don’t try to justify it with whatsoever reason.

patience – time they say heals all wound, they fact that they uttered abusive words, yelled so loud or vowed never to trust you again out of anger, doesn’t imply that you’ve lost the chances of regaining their trust. Words uttered when emotions are at its peak are not always intentional. Give it time.

Change of Attitude – during this period of probation, you ought to be extremely careful to ensure you ain’t going to err again. Make him believe in you again. In What areas did you default? Ensure you ain’t going back to it again. Were you cheating on him/ her? Ensure you you cut all the ties you had with your cheating partner. He should see reasons to believe in you again, and with that. He may decide to give you a benefit of doubt and a second chance.

Avoid being Pushy – being pushy and constant demand of forgiveness could ruin things for you. At this period, he may demand for space. His emotions might not be stable yet to make things right. And trust me, any decision made with an unstable mind does not always yield a positive result.

Don’t give up – you are still together right? If yes, then there is every tendency that he hadn’t given up on you. Just like it took him so much time to believe in you, regaining that trust wouldn’t be an exception. Remember is not always easy, regaining their trust is synonymous like re- building a collapsed building . Going through all the stress, and re- investing your resources all over again . We are humans and emotional to the core. As you’ve done your part by giving them a benefit of doubt. Just continue being good and don’t give up. Is always a gradual process, before things get back like it were initially.

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Should I go ahead with this marriage?


You've searched for true love. and fortunately, you finally found one. From all indications, they met the qualities you've always desired in a partner. You started off as a friends, and one thing eventually led to another, you became inseparable. The feelings was mutual that you couldn't get enough of each other. Just like every other relationship , After dating for some years, the urge of settling down with each other began to develop. He proposed to you and you gladly accepted. As that is what you've always anticipated for. And marriage preparations began in earnest.

Just few months before your marriage ceremony,the unusual happened. You discovered that your spouse to be is not whom he/she portrayed him/herself to be. You discovered an attitude in him/ her that you may find difficult to curtail. This scenario has often led a lot of people especially women in going into the wrong marriage, as the society often place marital pressures on them more than their male counterparts. And to some others, the thought of not ending up with someone they dated for close to 3-4years is suicidal and so they would rather go on with the marriage with the hope of managing them or getting them to change afterwards.

Unfortunately, this is is a wrong mindset and decision. and shouldn't be put into consideration. In life, the distance of a journey does not always matter. what matters most is reaching your destination at the end. It is not about he who began the race, but he who was able to get to the end and emerge victorious. Marriage is a life time commitment,and should be treated as such. It is not always how far, but how well. The number of years spent in dating would not guarantee a successful marriage. Neither is it a yardstick in measuring the blissfulness of a marital journey.

What determines a successful marriage is being with the partner whose attitude and character you can easily curtail. Remember, you are about spending the rest of your life with him. Imagine waking up every morning seeing someone who is a thorn in your flesh lying beside you. Or staring at their face everyday with the feelings of hatred and bitterness.

And wished you could just punch them on the face. Don't subject yourself in a situation where you would end up with regrets and wished you never ventured in. Better to be late than wrong. The ball is in your court now. The decision will forever be yours. But I oblige you to make the right decision so as to enjoy your marriage rather than endure it.

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Right attitude towards success.


Success is a choice, and not a wish!!!
Everyone wishes to be great in life, but only few had made that choice, taken that decision and are ready to do whatever it takes to get there as long as it is genuine and legal.

Dreaming big is a path towards success, but working hard to gets you that destination.

Before the owner of a building begins its foundation, he first begins by setting out his plans, his choice of design, and budget.

However, having the right choice of design, and plans won't get make him accomplish his dreams of building that house, no matter how great his ambitious and dreams are. What makes the dreams becomes accomplished is the determination and effort towards getting it done.
If he doesn't have any plans of getting the income required, then his dreams becomes a waste.

The same scenario applies in life,
Dreams prepares you for your future, but your effort and hard work takes you there.
Wishes gets you focused, but your effort in turning that wish to a reality makes it fulfilled.

A life with just a dream can easily be blown off when trials and tribulations sets in...but when accompanied with determination, persistence and hardworking, it stands firm despite the stormy weather.

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Love and emotions

Love and emotions.

Often times, we tend to misunderstand this two terms…and that’s the reason most people believe that true love can never exist without sex.

Emotions are just feelings which can be either lust or infatuation They can’t be outrightly described as love. Though sometimes it can gradually progress to the feelings of love.

Emotions are just feelings which could arise as a result of being physically attracted with someone of the opposite sex without desiring to have any future with them. It is usually for short term satisfaction.
This explains why people can claim to love each other. But as soon sexual intimacy takes place, the once professed love and affection becomes a history. They mistook their emotions for love. They only had chemistry as a result of build up hormones being stimulated by their sexual organs and sending the wrong signals to the brain.

When you are truly in love with someone, no matter how attractive and gorgeous they are, your first desire or step may not be to get physically involved with them via sex, but to get to know more about them, their personal life, biography and attitude in general especially if you have the desire to include them in your future or develop a long term relationship with them

In other words, emotions can lead to sex, but may not progress to true love. This is why is always advised to define your relationship at the initial stage. So you wouldn’t end up mistaking romance for true love.

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Inconsistency in relationship


Relationship just like every other aspect of life could be sometimes faced with some challenges, ranging from inconsistency, irregularities and negligence.

At one point or the other, we may observe the depreciation of love by our partner, and the feelings that the relationship is gradually loosing its spark. The signs are obvious, that you needed no soothsayer to interpret them. Yet your subconscious mind still wouldn’t come in terms of accepting the reality. You still need to be reassured. You still need some benefits of doubt. You still need some explanation, as to reawaken your lost hope and optimism. This is the reason why it becomes so difficult to walk away as soon as you start observing any unusualty in your relationships.
If that is your case, I must applaude you for not giving up so easily without first trying to find out what led to such situation.

Here are some measures and best ways of dealing with such situations.

1) communication – communication is the bedrock of any relationship. It is the easiest way of pouring out your mind and opinion to someone in such a way that they can understand you concisely . No matter how close and intimate you are to your partner, they may not understand what is going in your mind, except you communicate with them. Let them know what is bothering. Be transparent, have a heart to heart talk with them.

2) ATTENTION – once you have communicated with them, try and listen to their own side of the story. Do not be in a haste to draw conclusions. Sometimes, the situation might not be the exact scenario we painted in our minds. They might be passing through a rough and hard phase of life. And the best thing they need from you is a keen attention and understanding. Nagging and constant complaint will only add more pressures to them which will worsen their situation.

3 PATIENCE – . As you have listened to them and have known the reason behind their action, the next thing is to exercise patience with them, since you have been reassured that they have not fallen out of love with you, the best thing to do is to give them time to fix their life. Remember that we all need stability, to function and strive well in every aspect of life, allow them to be stable and back to their feet again, before bringing up relationship matters. Remember such a critical time is the time they need you most in their life. Be their source of encouragement at this time.

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Men ask. How can I avoid domestic violence?

Young woman trying to protect herself from a man's clenched fist.

This is one of the greatest challenges facing a lot of men in marriages today. The ability to put their emotions at check in other not to be violent.

Marriages are full of inevitable up's and down. Even the most success foul marriages a times have to deal with marital issues which arises occasionally ranging from anger and resentment from one or both spouse. But their ability to maintain an orderly and peaceful home depends on how both were able handle their emotions at such times.

There is an increasingly rate of domestic violence in our society today because of the urge to feel superior and respected by both partners. Women don't want to be suppressed both physically and emotionally. on the contrary, men wants act bossy and authoritative at all times, owing to their egocentric nature.

Most men complain about their wife's intolerant and disrespectful attitude. Replying back in a rude manner. abusing them at any slightest provocation. Which to them is a dent on their ego. And so in the bid to retrieve their Ego, they end up becoming violent, hitting their wives and punching her like a bag of salt.

I wouldn't blame them either, because even as good as it sounds, is not always easy to remain calm when you are being offended or pushed to the wall. It is humane to want to retaliate. And to worsen it all, men receives a greater part of the blame by the society, regardless of who erred.

However, two wrongs they say can never make a right. Being violent does not make one superior but

Rather, an act of cowardice. A gentle man does not exhibit violence, but rather pursues peace at all times. Easy right? Hell No!!! But here are some steps to enable you.

. Leave the scene - you don't fight a fire incidence by waiting to put off the fire when there is an outbreak, but by avoiding its outbreak. There are scenarios when there would be heated and severe arguments, one capable of leading to violent. The best approach towards avoiding such scenarios is to leave the scene. Walking away helps you suppress your anger at that moment to avoid unleashing abusive words and becoming violent.

. Tolerance - humans generally are most times provocative in nature, and your wife isn't an exception. If you haven't learn to tolerate some of her flaws you may end up murdering her out of anger. For a home to be peaceful and accommodating, both spouse have to be tolerant and accommodating to each other. Otherwise the home would always be on fire.

.understanding - understanding the nature of women would go along way in helping you curb domestic violence. It is often said that the strength of a woman lies greatly in her tongue. This may be an idiomatic expression, but in most cases, is true. When you understand this as a man, you would always learn to ignore some of the attitudes exhibited by women especially constant and unnecessary nagging.

Emotional silence - nothing gets to a woman easily like ignoring her. Because women are emotionally inclined in nature . And that's the best and proven method of getting a woman submit rather than abusing her physically

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How I ruined my relationship 2

Regrets and loneliness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how I try, it would never work. So I decided to take that bold step and decision of giving it a break.

People were right after all, when they insisted that true love was not actually in existence.” I thought to my self.

Even though I still needed that affections and the need to be cherished, However, I’ve decided not to be the only one always putting an effort to make it work. I vowed never to be the first to express my feelings towards another or the first to always initiate the emotional feelings.

I Decided to stay out of relationship for some period of time, in other to heal and regain back my self esteem and worth which has constantly been manipulated. During that period, I learnt a lot on how best to handle relationship to avoid being taken for granted. First, I learnt how to develop self love,before thinking of loving another. This changed my mindset and I began to realize that people appreciate what they are afraid to loose more than what is always available for them to have.

Days rolled into weeks, and weeks into months. I finally decided to get into another relationship, hoping that with my new strategy and recent ideas, things would never remain the same.
To my greatest surprise, I had a very unique and wonderful partner. Just a replica of me in the past. He loved me do much and practically worshipped the ground I walked in.
I loved the fact that I finally met someone who appreciates me the way I had often craved for. But then, I wanted it to last, I was scared that making my feelings obvious towards him would make him change and start to take me for granted like others did

I opted in playing games instead. Deep down, I was enjoying the love, attention and care. But was never eager to reciprocate it, for fear of uncertainty . I was nonchalant and developed a negligence attitude towards him. He complained often that I don’t love or cared about him….the truth is that, deep down, I loved him, but then, having regained my self confidence and esteem. I wanted to be certain that he wouldn’t go back to neglect me once I starts expressing my love. I might be right though, but I never knew I was over reacting and moving so extreme when things ought to be balanced.

He begged n begged, nagged and nagged for me to proof my love towards him..but all to no avail. Instead I remained adamant and continued with my games.
He continued showing me love, to the point where he got weary and just couldn’t take it any longer. He decided to opt out.

It was at this juncture that I came back to my senses. The love I had always longed for was right before me but I ignorantly sent it away all because of my own selfish motive.
It then dawned on me that being good pays only if one can be patient enough.

You might have constantly been taken for granted, jilted and neglected. You might have loved but had never been loved back. You don’t really need to change your personality, you don’t really need to change your golden heart. All you need to change is the people you love. Always be patient, because your replica is somewhere wishing you remained like an angel they had known.

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How I ruined my relationship


CIt is often said that past experiences may sometimes have a correlation with the future. And that was exactly my case.

I have never experienced true love and happiness in my past relationships. Being an emotional and sensitive type, I have this quest and need to feel loved, cared for and attended to. But unfortunately, it had never worked that way.
I’ve heard a lot of people talked about zodiac signs and how it speaks a lot about individual’s personality including their love and emotional lives. Being an Aries, I couldn’t doubt its possibility as it seems so true in my case.

Initially, I often get pissed off and irritated when people complain that true love was not actually in existence. Because I was a fan of true love and commitment. I usually try my best to put my all in a relationship, I have this capacity to express my love towards whomever I was in a romantic relationship with. I ensured they got the very best of love, care and attention. But despite all my effort, it seems not to be working.

Having giving all my all to my partners in the past..I expected to have it reciprocated, since relationship was meant to be mutual and not one sided. But unfortunately, my expectations never came to pass.

The need to be loved seemed so strange and was like a night made to me. because no matter how much i invest, i couldn’t get it. I gave out my royalty, my commitment, my love and everything, but all I got was series of heart break.

They all knew my weak point, they all knew how emotional and sensitive I was. That’s why they manipulated and took me for granted. They made it seem as though they were doing me a huge favour by dating me. I would apologize and admit I was at fault just to keep things going. I endured their nonchalant attitude and negligence towards me, hoping they would change, but all to no avail.
I practically begged for their love because I was so scared to loose them. The love I had for them turned into obsession that I find it so difficult to let go even at the detriment of my own happiness . I lost my self esteem

I became needy and obsessed which made then distanced themselves the more.
It has usually been the same line of words. ” he is not the right man for you”Each time I sought for an people’s opinion . I had to ponder on it, and at first, I felt and thought the same way. But then , having been in several relationships with others and experienced similar experience. I began to wonder what the problem was? Could it be possible that none of them was the right man for me? All did they all conspired against me to subject me into emotionally trauma??? The more I ponder on this rhetorically question, the more confused and devastated I became.

I keep getting the assurance that the right man will come. But when will that be?? I kept on asking my self. Maybe when I might have given up on love? I was becoming so impatient. I couldn’t hold back the feelings anymore. I was at the verge of giving up on love and treating people exactly the way I was treated.

To be continued

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Should I leave school?

Don't leave yet.

And so you heard that bill gate dropped from school to pursue his dreams of becoming a Microsoft developer . Aliko Dangote never saw the four walls of the classroom, yet, these are men that has a top ranking in the list of world's richest. They are just doing fine even without a formal education. Now you wonder why you are stressing yourself, attending lectures, studying so hard to achieve a wonderful Result, having to deal with some lecturers who wouldn't give a damn in stressing life out of you and trying to pull you down with their last blood. When you can easily quit school and starts making million within few years or perhaps months as you ain't even sure of making it via the labour market. I am very certain that this question might have been running through your mind.

However, before you rush into making a drastic decision which is capable of ruining your future, pay attention to what I have to say. A successful life begins with planning and so much analysis. Now bill gate didn't just wake up one morning, and thought of abandoning his education without having any concrete reason. That choice to quit education was a very sensitive one. He must have sat down and thought of ways to become a problem solver to the society that could generate revenue for him in the nearest future. rather than a consumer. He must have drawn a plan and thought of possible ways of achieving his dreams. He must have viewed life in a more elaborate way rather than Just going to school to get a certificate and anticipating for a white collar job in an over saturated labour market thereafter. He must have done a lot of analysis by comparing the advantage of entrepreneurship over an employee.

He must have been passionate of his dream before even thinking of venturing in. And finally, he must have been ready to apply commitment and dedication towards achieving his dream and building it from the foundation and not seeing it as a get rich quick scheme. Then I ask What is your own reason? Do you have any plans? Or you just want to quit probably because you are tired of attending lecturers or having someone order you around to do certain things. Whether or not you want to quit, just have it mind that life without plans or passion would only result to failure. You can still achieve your dreams even while in school, you must not quit. What matters is your determination and having something to back up your decision. With that, the sky will always be your starting point. Think, Plan and analyze before making your decision.

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Creativity, A path towards success.

A young girl decided to learn how to sew cloth from her mother who was a seamstress. She was so keen and passionate to learn the skills. And so she pulled in her interest in other to have her dreams accomplished.

As a newbie, it was assumed that she was still a novice, and wouldn’t initiate any idea aside the one her skill tutor ( mum) initiated. However, one fateful day, she was given a cloth to sew as a means to display some of the practical knowledge learnt so far. At first, she was nervous. But along the line, she became courageous and developed self confidence why trying out the work.

As she was sewing the cloth, she discovered that the fabric given to her wasn’t enough. She decided to call her mum’s attention towards it, but waved off the thought immediately. She quietly went to the waste bin where remnant of fabric which were no longer useful were kept. She thoroughly searched for a piece of fabric which would match the one she was sewing. And fortunately, she found one. She then decided to join it to the parts which was still remaining. And some hours later, she got the clothes done.

With the feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment,,she showed her mother. She was so amazed, as she had never thought her that particular technique before, how was she able to learn it? She wondered and muttered to herself. It is called “(CREATIVITY) I define it as a means of creating ideas from simple or unexpected source in other to accomplish a goal. Is also an ability to create something out of nothing.

This brief story is just a simple way to remind you that with creativity, nothing is impossible. Creativity breaks every limitation or impossibility. With creativity, you can always proof people wrong when they say a particular task is unachievable.

A lot of technological inventions we enjoy today came to be because people like you and i were creative enough to produce a result out of things that were often neglected.

Being a graduate does not imply one should sit all day hoping to get an oil job in an already saturated labour market.

Your ideas can be your source of income.
Look around you, there is always something to create, there is always something you need to put in place in other to stand out.
Don’t allow your dreams to be limited by some factors. Like finance. There is always a starting point. A lot of peeps started their business without a standard shop. But with their ideas and brain, they were able to pull a lot of customers. Don’t allow any factor limit you in life. You have the power to shape your life into whichever form you desire.