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Does online dating actually works?

Does online dating actually works? 1
Does online dating actually works

Does online dating actually works, this is a question that raised so many controversies over the years. But let's find out .

Since the advent in technology, life had been made easier in various aspects, and dating seems to be one of the aspect.

Online dating is one of the effects and outcome of the recent growth in technology today . . It is no longer news that people get acquainted and connected to each other via social media. Some were fortunate to find their life partners, while others are still at the edge of finding their's. However, despite the prevalence rate of online dating.

A lot of people still doubt it's possibility and believes that such relationship is unhealthy. Now that brings us to the question, is does online date actually possible? There is absolutely nothing wrong with online dating. Meeting a potential date or spouse online, is nothing different with meeting them other places such as clubs or social events. However, it all depends on the approach used. below are several by which both can make it work. the question does online dating Arrange to meet each other.

arrange to meet each other .

Does online dating actually works? 2
Does online dating actually works?

At the mention of online date, so many people begins to picture a scenario where by two folks accepts to be each other's friend on social media even without meeting each other. Then begins to chat each other to the point of exchanging contacts with each other. Then all of a sudden, they became fond of each other as one or both parties began to develop feelings for the other. When they couldn't hide the feelings anymore. They came up with the decision of starting up a relationship even without knowing what their intended Date actually looks like. But unfortunately, this is not what an online date entails. It is other wise termed a "a blind date" .

A date can only be significant when two two intending couples have met each other physically. Otherwise it is not qualified to be a date.

A lot of people got attracted to their online date by their physical attribute such as height, facial beauty and so on. Such people may end up getting disappointed when they discover that the picture displayed is quite different from the individual .

And so in other to avoid such scenario and to answer the question "does online dating Actually works? it is advisable to arrange a convenient time to meet each other, in other to be sure they are truly your idea man/woman.

Choose a convenient venue .

Does online dating actually works? 3
Does online dating actually works

lot of people particulary women develops phobia whenever the issue of online dating comes up. As a reult of the bad experiences and misfortune some people went through in the course of meeting their online date. So many people had unknowingly fallen victims to rape, murder and ritual killings. . So in other no to be caught in such, is always advisable to apply caution. while dealing with an online date. Remember he/she is a stranger , you Choose a secured and open environment such as eartry, tourist centres and recreational parks . So as to feel secured. You may also like

Be Real

Remember this is your first date, you don't want to jeopardize or ruin your chances of winning their love . First impression they say matters a lot, the way you presents yourself speaks a about your personality. Do not fake a personality in the bid to get them accept your proposal. You maybe ruining your chances of being trusted in the future.

As trust is an essential factor and foundation of any successful relationship. Honesty is the key and one of the answer to the question "does online dating actually works?

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How do I improve my life?

How do I improve my life? 7
How do I improve my life?

Guess you've be wondering how you can improve your Life, then you are in the he right place. Read this.

And so you've finally started that business, skills, of your dream. After so much procrastination and deliberations And so the next stage is to begin to anticipate for a successful result as that is the dream of every entrepreneur. You've read the successful stories of various people who were into similar careers. It was their story that got you inspired to pursue your dreams. You hoped to achieve your own success. Inasmuch as that is the wish of everyone,but I would have to remain you that the journey may not be so smooth. You may encounter some challenges on your way. And if you ain't determined enough, it may lead to frustration which will can you make you quit or loose interest.
Let's look at some factors that might lead to frustration.


everybody wants to make it quick, everybody wants to be celebrated on popular social medias and renown sites. Everybody wants to drive that latest model, Cruise in that exquisite and well furnished apartment. But the question is, how many are willing to pay the price of success which includes being patient enough to watch it grow from the scratch? So many successful people started with little or zero capital, they were unrecognized for several years, despite their efforts and
commitments. Yet they kept pressing on and on, pushing harder amidst of pressures from friends and relatives who tried to discourage them to derail from their dreams because it ain'tyielding result.

Lack of creativity

Creativity brings out the best in any individual especially in a competitive field. Advancement in your field helps you stand out despite the saturation in that field. You can't achieve more, you can't be successful when you keep repeating what some other people are doing along side with their flaws and mistake. For you to excel more than your counterparts, you've got to bring in new ideas, new discoveries and new developments. Check out the world best successful men/women. They got to that stage because they never remained stagnant in what had been in existence. But rather they kept discovering more . The more they discover, the more their life became better.

Entertaining distractions

A lot of people have this passion to be successful but get easily distracted by certain things around their environment. It could be friends, addiction, relationship and habits. Your don't have to lead a boring life because you are aiming to be successful. However, there is every need to balance your life and the activities you engage in. In other to accomodate your ambitions. Don't be carried away by things that can't contribute to your growth . Do away with friends that doesn't have any positive impact in your life. Quit any habit that might be gradually ruining your ambitions.

Lack of discipline

You checked your time, is already 5am. You felt like going back to sleep , your eyes Were dim, and your bodies were weak. But you remembered you have a lot to attend to.

Your career, business or skill would be at risk if you succumb to that desire demanding you bounce back to bed. But rather, you got up and began preparing for the activities of the day. Now that is what I term "discipline" Discipline entails you restrict your self from certain pleasures in other to achieve your target. But unfortunately, so many people lack this, and that's why they can't succeed. They want to blow overnight but at the same time they ain't ready to pay the price, they ain't ready to sacrifice their sleep, memorable hang out with friends, chats on phone and so many others.


Practice they say makes perfect.but Is quite unfortunate that so many give up at the early stage of their pursuit, especially when the result ain't forth coming. Success doesn't often come overnight, it requires some period of dedication, commitment, hard work and consistency. When you do things often, there is every tendency that your will become perfect on it in no distant time. And when that happens, success automatically follows as people would began to applaud your efforts. Your business can only succeed when you are always at the shop daily and not weekly. You can only improve in your skills when you engage on it daily and not at your convenient time.


Are you into business, don't wait to become bankrupt or experience failure. before you start thinking of a new business ideas or strategy to adopt in other to improve in your business. It starts now. Don't get carried away by your success. Failure is equally inevitable. It could be at the door anticipating to strike, don't give it that chance by feeling relaxed.

In summary, if you are good, strive to become better, if you are better, strive to be the best. Don't feel relaxed at same level, when you have all it takes, to continue soaring higher.

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Why money does not sustain love

The wrong mindset about love

Why money does not sustain love 9
Money does not sustain love

I was one of such guys who believed that with wealth, affluence,fame and money. You can easily get any kind of lady succumb to your desire. Hence, to me there was no such thing as love… I met this pretty, gorgeous and charming princess on a wedding event. I got attracted to her beauty and couldn’t wait for the event to be over in other make advances to her. After the event, I approached and tried to woo her, at first she declined, just as usual with “women and their playing hard to get attitude”. However, she later accepted to give me her digit after a little persuasion. I became glad after all, as that seems to mark the beginning of a love history with this pretty damsel, Even though she was yet to accept my proposal. Days rolled into weeks and weeks into month and fortunately, she finally accepted to date me. I thought it was going to be a fling with no sentiment attached….but hell no!!! I was totally wrong as I find my self fallen head over heels in love with this babe… I gave her all the attention she needed, communicates with her on daily basis via calls, chats, and sensational text messages.supports her financially.of course, I made sure she never lacked anything. but amidst of all this, she never reciprocated my love.she picks my calls whenever she likes, she replies my chat whenever she deemed it necessary to And each time i complain, she insults and calls me ” a nag”. To me, she was my priority, while to her, i was only an option. Yet amidst of all this cruel attitude from her i wouldn’t let go because i was needy and already emotionally attached to her…more like an obsession. And you know the funny aspect? She only acts cool and caring towards me whenever she needs financial help from me which I never hesitate to grant her because i thought that with time, she would start considering reciprocating my love owing to the caring attitude I constantly bestowed upon her. Little did I know that she never loved me and would never do she was only using me to satisfy her selfish desire.

The bitter truth

I soon realized my mistakes and got back to my senses and vowed never to impress any Lady with money again.

Listen young man, is either she loves you or not. Stop trying to impress her with your money… True love can never be bought with money. If the only time she remembers you is when she needs something, then you will be saving your self a lot of heart ache and emotional trauma by getting out from such relationship.

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Why you are finding it difficult to move on after the break up.

Are you finding it difficult to move on after the break up?Then read this and find out why.

Why you are finding it difficult to  move on after the break up. 11
Why you are finding it difficult to move on after the break up9

Moving on after a break up has not always been easy. Despite the thousands of published and online articles about the topic. At One time you are good, the next time, you are up with moods swings wishing and hoping that it would all turn out to be a dream.
Healing from a heartbreakis a gradual process, it doesn’t happen overnight. However, in as much as you are still patiently waiting to be completely healed emotional. There are certain things ought to avoid. These are factors which can delay you healing process and make it linger on.


stalking an ex all over every social media is one mistake that most people often do right after break up. To some, the habit has turned to an addition. You keep checking them every now and then on their instagram, facebook whatsapp, to know their recent activities and their relationship status. You keep viewing all their pictures and recent post to know what they’ve been up to, and to also know if you are being missed or had been replaced with another. And once you see something of that nature, the feelings of hurt and rejection resurface again thus making it difficult for you to forget them. Quit stalking them everywhere, quit going to certain places with the Intention of bumping into them . Remember they are “ex’.which implies that their presence in your life has become a past. And so whatever they do should no longer be your concern. This act is unhealthy for you and will make you remain stalk in the heartbreak.

keeping memories.

When you loose a loved one, you can’t get over the lost quickly by constantly staring at the pictures they took when they were alive. The same scenario is applicable here. In other to quicken the healing process, you have to do away with things that keep reminding you of them. It could be a picture taken together when the relationship was was still awesome, it could be a gift they gave you to keep as a memory. Whatever it is, do away with them if it will keep reminding you of them

Keeping in touch

There is nothing wrong with staying friends with your ex, there is nothing wrong with contacting or messaging them once in a while, but not obviously right after the break up. Especially if the feelings are still there. You can’t obviously stop a smoke when you are always close to a fire. Communicating with your ex when you still have feelings for them is just like opening a fresh wound.. And trust me, you wouldn’t like to feel the pain, is better expressed than experienced.

False hope and reassurance

The break up is over, accept it that way and try every possible means to move on. Stop giving yourself false hope or reassurance that your ex might miss you someday. With that you would always keep expecting them back which may not happen.


Stop trying to get back at them by dating their best friend or other farmiliar friends just to make them jealous. That attitude doesn’t usually end up well. If they get to find out that it was all game you will loose at the end because you feel more hurt than you felt initially. If the jealousy you are trying to ignite didn’t get to them, the feelings of rejection will surface again. If you want to move on, quit playing games in the bid to get a revenge and focus on your healing process instead

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How to handle a close friend of the aopposite sex while in relationship

Handling a close friend of the opposite sex is one of the challenges couples tend to face in their relationship/marriage and if not handled properly may lead to break up or divorce. As the feelings of insecurity may surface from one partner. It is not uncommon or absurd for your partner to feel insecure when they discover you are becoming too close with a member of the opposite sex. Insecurity maybe unhealthy but in some circumstances, it is a sign that he/she is committed and values the relationship and wouldn’t like to entertain any form of infidelity from the other.

And so she is a close friend, you both ain’t dating. But She calls every now and then, always asking to hang out with you. Your partner is becoming suspicious and insecure. You’ve tried to explain to her that nothing is going on between you both. , but she wouldn’t believe. She always keep tabs on you, going through your phone to clear her doubts. If she ever finds something suspicious like addressing each other with intimate names, hell’s gonna let loose. She will yell at you. Nevertheless, inasmuch much as you love your partner or spouse, you still don’t want to loose your friendship with them. They are just awesome to be with. Though not intimate, but you both get each other’s back all the time. You are confused on how to handle it in a matured way without loosing both relationship.

Here are ways to handle the situation to avoid loosing Your relationship

Set boundaries

Becoming too close to a friend of an opposite sex can be unhealthy atimes. The scenario is synonymous to inviting problems which you may not be able to solve. There are situations you may not be able to put to check. And this is likely to be one of them.because when a man and woman often spends time together, being overly too close to one another. Feelings tends to grow gradually even when you try to resist it. And cheating becomes inevitable. So in other to avoid such instances, it is best to take precautions. As prevention they say is better than cure. Avoid being alone with each other, avoid going to serene places which can easily invite temptations. There should be a limit towards communication. Don’t give them that impression that they have a place in your heart otherwise they make the advantage of that. Let it be friends and nothing more. Remember your spouse ought to be your best friend and nothing less.

Have a heart to heart talk with your spouse

Remember they have every right to feel insecure and jealous. It is natural, especial if the feelings are there. However, you have to explain to them with a soft tone that denotes respect for their feelings. Let them know this other person is a good friend and meant no harm. Do not be harsh or yell at them for not trusting you. Otherwise they may begin to think that their suspicion is true .

Make your spouse your priority.

Don’t forget that no matter how important and good your friend maybe to you, your spouse/partner is still your best friend. Make them

Always consider their interest first. Be proud of them, tell your friend how good they are so they wouldn’t think of interfering in your relationship/marriage. .

Keep your marital/relationship issues to yourself.

If you are looking for someone to talk to Concerning your relationship or marriage issue, certainly, your close friend ain’t the one. Reason being that they might be developing feelings or having intentions towards you without your knowledge. They might use that as an advantage or opportunity in seeking for a way to pave in. They might pretend to be hurt too but secretly praying for the problem to linger on so they can easily have their way. This might not be true for some sincere friends. But since you can’t read their Minds or predict their actions, I think it would be better to take precautions. If you must seek for counsel. Please visit a good counsellor, physcholgist, or other experts in the field

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Time management tips. 1

TIME MANAGEMENT tips is one of the greatest attribute of champions and people who aspires to be successful in life. An Average human is said to be busy for at least 12hrs in a day,but yet unproductive in his/her endeavour as a result of mismanagement of time. the word ''busy' is the most frequently used word and has equally been misused by many who had no clear understanding of what it actually meant. Literally, 'busy'' can be defined as a state in which an individual engages him/herself in any activity or work. it is an exact opposite of idleness. which implies that not being idle at a particular time indicates that an individual is actually busy. sleeping eating and engaging in other normal activities ain't an exception. Now The Question is no longer how busy one is?but what you are actually found busy with? I've seen some folks who hardly take a nap,and hence usually develops one alignments or the other as a result of inability to rest but yet can't boast of any achievement. while there are few others who spend less time but yet achieves a lot. it has to do with ability to manage one's time,being able to accomplish a lot within a specific limited time.

Here are some time management tips to adopt.


there is a popular saying he who has failed to plan,is said to have planned to fail. each successful day ought to begin with a strategic plan or list of activities which must be adhered strictly to. try as much as possible to adjust your schedules in such a way that it will correspond with the time available. you can commence by starting from the most important to the least important. which automatically leaves you with the feelings of excitement and fulfillment.


Discipline involves depriving oneself from certain pleasures which is capable of consuming time needed for other vital and productive activities. Adopting self discipline in one's life helps a lot in managing your time effectively. For instance, as a student about to write a professional exam. You may have the urge to tune in to that your favorite t. V station, go the gym or sports or get busy with your mobile phone. but with the discipline, you will learn how to manage your time effectively and for the right purpose. and so instead of doing the aforementioned. you will get busy with your studies especially as your exam is fast approaching. the same goes with every other activities we do in life. As a business man/woman, discipline helps you manage your time effectively by depriving your self that early morning comfort in pursuit of your business or career. you wake up so early in other not to get stuck by traffic. Sometimes, you are awake burning the midnight candle just to excel. When you are meant to be enjoying the silent cool breeze of the night. and at the end, the result will be worth the effort. people who lack discipline end up giving into their desires and urge. They waste their times a lot doing things which doesn't contribute to their growth and improvements in life.

Set a target

setting a target is one of the surest ways of overcoming laziness and procrastination. make up your mind and do everything within your reach to meet up with your target within a specific period of time see it as a task being imposed on you by another,assume it was an instruction or obligation being issued to you by an employer else you loose a job. developing that mindset gives you an insight and ability to accomplish your target. time is an essential factor,always be time conscious to avoid loosing your life time opportunity.

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How to handle a materialistic woman

How to handle a materialistic woman 17
How to handle a materialistic woman

Coping with a materialistic woman is one of the phobia that discourages so many young men from keeping a relationship. No doubt, virtually all men wants to have that feelings of responsibility, being able to take care of their woman’s need at every point in time, it triggers their Ego as a man and gives them that awesome feelings of responsibility. However, in spite of that, no man wants to be pressured into spending above their earning, or doing things which they ain’t capable of. Unfortunately, there are women who wouldn’t mind you selling one of your vital organs as long as their needs are met. With the quest to fit in to the societal standards and trend, they wouldn’t mind you indulging in all kinds of social vices in other to make them happy. They are never satisfied or contended even if you pull the house down for their sake. Imagine you are dating this kind of woman, how long would you continue to cope with her incessant demands? Before you consider breaking up with here. Here are some major steps to take.

Be real and set a limit

most a times, men’s unrealistic behaviours and fake buoyant life styles are the reason for women’s incessant demands. Imagine starting a relationship by taking her to every classic restaurant or suits. And all of a sudden, you expect her to feel good and OK spending time with you in your closet. It sounds absurd. No one can possibly spit out a succulent taste or reject an exclusive offer.

This is not to encourage incessant demand from women. But men shouldn’t start what they can’t complete. Be real, don’t spend more than you earn in the bid to please a woman. You are only making her become use to a certain lifestyle which she might find difficult to adjust. Don’t fake a life style. So you would know if she truly loves you or interested Only In the material benefit.

Engage her in a discussion

Don’t be shy to express yourself, don’t be timid to be confident. Don’t allow fear to restrict you of your ability to speak out. Don’t pretend like you are OK when is obvious you ain’t. Find somewhere serene where you both can sit down and discuss things as it is bothering you. Let her know that you love her and can take care of her but not at the expense of your happiness. Let her know that your family and siblings also need your assistance. Let her know that you also have a need and wouldn’t want her to act non challant about it. Make her to see things from your own point of view. Truth is that you might have given her that impression that things are Rossy with you. She might not be aware that her attitude is driving you insane.

Stand to your ground

If peradventure, you’ve tried explaining things to her, but she wouldn’t change, then is time to make your decision to either opt out or stay. As difficult as it sounds, I would still advice you to choose the former. Do not let her pressurize you or threaten you with break up. Stand to your ground. No one wants to be with a partner who knows nothing else aside their own happiness.

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How to Adopt self appraisal amidst of rejection

And so you have been jilted and betrayed by your significant other whom you've ever loved and trusted so much. It feels like the world has really come to an end. Moving on has become a difficult and strenuous process for you. Partly because you've built your world around them that you tend to forget other vital reasons for having a breath in you. Your career, your social life, skills and hobby, has been in a pause mood all because there is a misconception within you that your entire life would not be valid without your significant other thus making you ignore other vital aspects of life.

Have an awesome life aside relationship

You have equally neglected your family and friends, because you are always seen in each other's company.And this might be the reason why they suddenly got bored and decided to walk away thus leaving you with scars and broken heart. Being in a relationship does not mean you should ignore other important aspects of your life, there is nothing awesome as giving your partner the impression that life still exist even in their absence. It creates self confident and makes you independent. It attracts the opposite sex and commands self respect from them.Nobody wants to date an emotionally dependent man/woman who have no other plans and routine in life aside spending time with their partner. And what if they eventually walks out of your life, what would be your fate???? This is the phase where self independent plays a major role. No doubt,

Success is the key

Heartbreak is a depressing and heart wrenching period in any individual's life. It does not matter how long you have experienced it, what matters most is how you were able to get back at your feet immediately. To some individuals, situation like this actually brings out the best in them and instead of wallowing in self pity, they began to keep themselves busy, so as to be strong again. It might not be easy at first, but a stage it becomes a hobby. And that's when they would realize that there is actually a hidden talent in them they have been ignoring all because they were so stuck in a relationship. That is why is often said that the best revenge for someone who broke your heart is to achieve success. Life is all about lessons, some situations emerged in order to bring out the best in us and have a positive impacts in our lives.

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How to rekindle the spark in a relationship/marriage

You seems not to forget those early years of dating, when you were always seen with your significant other all over the places, occasional outings, couple's dinner nights,display of affections in the public. All of a sudden and to your greatest amazement, the feelings vanished into thin air. You seems to have fallen out of love. The more you try to comprehend what actually went wrong, the more confused you get. Initially this is someone you vowed to stick to and probably spend the rest of your life with. But what was happening at the moment was really beyond your imaginations. So many questions begins to crew up in your mind such as Why the sudden change of feeling? Was that love I felt initially or infatuation? How can I rekindle the spark? You don't need to panic, you are not alone in this. So many people have experienced such. if you find your self in such situations. It is very normal to fall out of love or not to continue feeling the same way you felt during those early lovey dovey days. Every relationship/marriage passed through a delicate and special stage known as''the honey moon phase''. This is the stage where the feelings of love for each other is at its peak. During these stage,many people tend to impress their partner and this might include hiding certain characters or behaviors from them for fear of being rejected. At this period, you might not really understand him/her no matter how you try to. Then the big question is after this honey moon phase, what happens next??? Just like the saying usually goes, there is no smoke without fire. This will take us back to our topic what causes lost spark in a relationship/marriage and how to rekindle it.

Lack of understanding

so many relationships/marriages has been destroyed because couples don't understand themselves. Love is not just enough to sustain a relationship. Just like was explained, after the honey moon phase, the next phase is getting to know each other and adjusting with each other's attitude. This is the most critical stage in every relationship. The romance stage has pass. This is the time to face reality and know if actually you truly love your partner as you claimed. And that is why is not advisable to be in a relationship with the intention of changing someone because after the honey moon phase you might not be able to cope or condone their attitude any longer. And this might make you loose the feelings you once had for them. intending couples should not shy away from any unusual behavior from their partner during courtship, because if it is taken into marriage, it might lead to misunderstanding. If you know you can cope with your partners attitude, then you must be ready to understand that this is who they are,and be ready to accept them that way. Otherwise, it will be best to back off.

Lack of Trust

Trust is one of the essential ingredients that gives rise to a successful marriage/relationship. Trust should be earned. Don't create rooms for doubt and don't build the foundation of your marriage/relationship with lies and deceit. As that will create insecurity.....the love and mutual feelings once felt might no longer be there anymore. Because there will definitely be constant nagging, complaint, doubts, fights and so on.


just like was earlier explained, most times especially after some years in marriage, couples tend to neglect those romantic things they did together during the early years of marriage/courtship that got them attracted to each other. A typical african man no longer deem it necessary to take his wife to shopping and outings, surprise her with gifts once in a while even though there might not be any special event at the moment. These are little things that spices up a relationship, on the other hand, as a typical african woman, your mindset makes you believe that is no longer necessary to dress sexy, attractive and gorgeous that caught your hubby's attention the very first day he met you. Is good you change your mindset. The truth is that most men, are attracted by what they see. Always look sexy and clean whenever your husband is around. Avoid tying wrapper always. Don't drive your hubby into another woman's arm except he has cheating as a hubby. In as much as these are not a criteria for a man not to cheat on his wife, it still contributes. Do your best as a lady.

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How to curb Ego in your relationship/marriage

How to curb Ego in  your relationship/marriage 23
Curbing Ego in a relationship/marriage

About Ego

EGO is one of the negative trait being exhibited by one or both partners in relationship/marriage. It is an unhealthy habits that can mar a long lasting marriage/relationship. No doubt, there is a desire for supremacy and power in individuals, everybody craves to have his/her opinion being respected and accepted by their partner. This is common to both genders and not just restricted to men alone as presumed and believed by people. It is a normal perception, but becomes abnormal when it is done at the expense of your relationship. A little dispute/misunderstanding that ought to have been settled amicably is allowed to linger for so long because one or both partners are contemplating in their minds on who to be the first to say ”sorry”. To most folks, apology implies accepting defeat and having a low self esteem. Unfortunately, this is a fallacious belief and I want to proof it wrong.

Difference between self esteem and Ego

There is a huge difference between ”SELF ESTEEM AND EGO While the former can be defined as an individual’s value and self worth which includes, self appreciation and charisma in relating with others. The later is synonymous to feelings of pride, arrogance, supremacy and dominion. It doesn’t really matter who has defaulted, what matters is saving your relationship from collapsing.

These are questions you need to answer

1) Do I value my relationship/marriage???

2) Are they worth the Fight?

3) Do I regard my partner as a priority and important personality in my life?? If the answers to the above questions are in affirmative. Then is time to let go of pride in order to save your relationship/marriage. Quit the mindset of ”I shouldn’t be the one to apologize first as am not ”guilty”. Remember the main objective is to save your relationship first, after which you can have a heart to heart talk with your partner. Pouring out your heart to them and explaining to them why it is very necessary to apologize whenever they offend you and not the other way round. Have it in mind that no relationship is perfect and no perfect human exists. Exercise patient with them and give them a little time to deal with their weak point ”EGO” I.e if they are willing to change. The word ”sorry” is so simple that it wouldn’t remove any strand of hair from your body but rather save you from heart ache that might be caused as a result of breakup or divorce from your relationship and marriage respectively.